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released December 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Kaysinners New York

Masked musician | Puerto Rican | Raised in New York

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Track Name: Think Twice (Intro)
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

It all started as a little kid, life about guns and clips, I was seeing all of it, I was seeing all of it. Hearing all the shots when I rock, see the cops, then they stop, now they posted in the fucking parking lot. In life, you can't cease, you ain't really free walking down the hood you won't see the trigger getting squeezed. I do the so so rolling, cause cars get stolen, cause life ain't never golden. I'm Tryna do this my style, never been a wild child, always gotta be mild. I'm here to give advice, cause some niggas quick to act but they don't Think twice

Think, Think, Think twice, Think, Think, Twice, Think it, Think it, Think it twice, Think Think Twice

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

I grew up nothing changed, I'm still in this lane. yo life ain't a game, fuck whips and fame. I Flirted with a couple girls but now I don't talk to them, memories filled with pain, regrets and a couple friends. Now you catch me grinding all the way to the top. I see the same niggas from 7 years ago still in the block!

[Girl Voice]


[Verse 3: Kaysinners]

My minds filled with the memories, that I never leave, hold em real tight, cause I nevah wanna set them free. I have anger issues, is how I do it, I just move it, feeling like a poison fluid. Niggas all up in the block, selling rocks, fighting over the spot, they say I'm descendent of fucking 2Pac
Track Name: Tired ft Haze Azazel
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

What is up what is fucking good?. A lot of people wanna be heard and understood. Nowadays people hit me with the damn lies, the type of fucking damn lies that make you cry .I'm giving too much, this world fucked up .I've had enough got me all blazed up . what the fuck is up? Everybody is the same, I'm Tryna relieve the pain. And life ain't a game, memories never go away. Fake friends, fake friends, people that pretend. They say they gonna be with you all the way till the end. Then they backstab you in the fucking back, you realize is a fact. Gotta spread the truth in this fucking track. These people ain't loyal just a fucking hidden enemy .Someone who backstabs you definitely ain't a fucking friend of me. So I tell people, and I be like...


Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, of the, of the, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit

[Verse 2: Haze Azazel]

Tired of aiming for her heart, I get hurt from recoil. Most of the time shorty isn't even loyal. I got a gift for you, I got it all by myself. She says she likes it, but her expression tells me something else. Why do I gotta be so loving? The kissing and the hugging means nothing if it's not coming from me. That's ..what I told her. But I don't think that she heard it, the thought of her cheating on me makes me so nervous. No matter how much it happens, a lesson I'm never learning, my heart is hurting, I don't want to argue I want to work this. Ain't that the purpose on why we cuff in the first place? Maybe I wasn't in it to just make you my first mate. I guess is okay to take a short break, but go ahead and leave you? No way, that will hurt me. My love for you won't expire, hand you my heart like flyers, get me heated like fire I just tell you I'm so tired


Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, of the, the, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit...
Track Name: Sinner Thoughts
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Go to my mind, it ain't very clear. Cause every time that I rhyme, all I see is fear. And everybody just scared of the damn truth. Cause they just wanna hear the lies and you do too. Rappers nowadays just fucking up the fucking youth. And these corrupted cops in their petty suits. They be like "Man did you do that? I seen you walk around the block then you look back " Then the cop puts the cuffs, puts you in the van. Then he tells the other cops that you fucking ran. Just another excuse to put you in the can

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

Then we got friends that you can't trust, you can't trust them. They wanna backstab me? I just bust em. Put em all up on the floor, niggas don't know. Nigga I'm doing it pro. Killing niggas with the mutha fuckin nasty flow. I mostly be alone.Yeah yeah, you don't know me, hanging one day doesn't mean that you my homie. I throw fake people in the ditch , and it's sad how one loyal friend can turn to a snitch, then turn to a bitch, then hate when you rich, you ain't my friend ya'll ...youse a mutha fuckin bitch

[Verse 3: Kaysinners]

I got stacks of reality, spitting that insanity. Girl 16 having kids? That shit is tragedy. Better get a battery, get a dildo and waste money from your salary. Cause if you don't you'll have a baby sucking on your breast, you hear the baby crying on your chest, baby father left, no check, girl you better guess what's next..girl you better think, you just do it don't know it ? Stretch marks on your belly, but you won't show it. Hard to find a guy when you got a kid. Cause some guys just don't want that shit. They don't wanna be the stepfather of a child that's not his. So life's gets harder, no father, now you got a daughter, looks like you need help from your own mother

[Verse 4: Kaysinners]

Sinner thoughts running through my mind. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't alive. I don't know why I'm here..I just wanna die. Stuck up in my room all I did was cry. With the bed sheets covering my fucking eyes. I'm sick of the tears and the fucking lies. I said. Death can you hear me? Take me way, way above in the ceiling. Don't wanna be here have my body peeling , flesh burning while I'm mutha fuckin screaming. This is appealing. No more grillin, and killing , no drug feelings..being dead is better than being in this corrupted world livin
Track Name: Don't Give A Fuck
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

This is rap, fuck the niggas who wack, tryna get the check. Nigga that's basic always made it, these people are fucking hating. Man fuck these stupid hoes, really that's the way it goes. Always spitting the deadly
flow, niggas don't know that I'm doing it pro. People talk shit like they always do, Tryna be down with the mutha fucking crew, head probably look like an 8 ball, get a day job, get a real car, you said you go far. Being at home isn't nothing new. Head following the crowd is the path that you fucking choose. What the fuck are you gonna do? I'm alone and I really don't give a fuck
Track Name: Never Forget Em (Sally)
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Well.... it all started one day at work. When the cops just stopped. I was laying in the fucking dirt. I couldn't even start screaming, when I saw the police all the lights were gleaming. Ambulance went around
and took me away. And next thing you know that was the end of the day. Days passed by, I was Tryna get by met a nice brown girl, with the nice round thighs. She came at night and told me "Are you fine?" I felt
a bad way cause I was left behind....then. Things got worse, then the problems got fatter. No longer was I eating on a silver platter. I was broke with no home in a shelter. Desperation I felt her. Tryna
get around, I was trapped in a cell. met a lot of people then, now they just wish me well.

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

Yeah, a lot of rappers say they came from the dirt, but I still hear them rapping about their drinks and their shirts. So how the fuck you real if you talk bout that? If I came from the bottom then I speak about that.
It ain't about the bars is about those facts, and they're the same muthafuckas, people just call wack. so if u wanna make a change then change your rhymes, cause me and Haze Azazel, might take your shrine'and I always gets what's mine, you get left behind. I'm not wasting time, hear the fucking rhymes, you talking money I don't see a dime. Crazy talk is out of line. Put em all up on the knife, then you're gonna see the fucking signs

[Verse 3: Kaysinners]

There were moments where I barely ate, where I had to scrape as much from the plate cause I needed strength for the other day. Then I met a girl with a baby on the way. All she did was help me, even at the times where she didn't really felt me. And I met a soldier that will walk with his messed feet then he told me "I'm hurt too, but we'll walk the whole street" and damn, , you don't know how that felt. another man, wearing the shoes that I melt. Niggas caring about the love and the feelings, instead about fighting and the fucking drug dealing. Then a man from Haiti, I will never forget em. He paid me a visit in the shelter even when he was doing better. And you can't forget the fuking damn times like this. Cause those are the fuckin damn reasons why I rhyme like this. And life is hard I put that on my tomb. You gotta make room for the people to walk in someone else's shoes. Saw so many women helpless. When I had money I never felt this. It was hard life with a fixed pelvis. So when I'm rich im gonna give to the poor. I been in their shoes and you too should be walking walks. Cause is just really easy to just point and talk. When your pockets real full and they begging for pork. Short days become longer , social networks no longer. Focus is on hygiene and the hunger. Great minds turn stupider, heads probably on Jupiter, and I bet all of ya blame this on lucifer. Nah ya just getting stupider. Those times made me better . And I will always look back and never forget em
Track Name: Mama's Spirit
[Verse 1: Kaysinners

No father here, no father there. She was hustling for food, she was walking everywhere. 2 babies in her hands. Father never came. So he was never a man. How you leave a girl stranded walking on the land? Shit is so fucked up. Hope he gets fucked up. Walking all over the street get hit by a damn truck. I don't really care. I got hatred when my mom started facing tears. Yeah, I want him on site. I still remember the times at night where momma had the meal ready with the sprite. She was younger, I was younger, I never slept with the hunger. She was a hunter. Couple cents on the table. With a couple hundred with a job, she was able. Many years pass. Memories still last. Hope I can repay my mother in the future for my fucking past

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

Bullshit ! I put her through the bullshit. I gave her many headaches when I started all that school shit. Grades got lower. The wiser got dumber. Graffiti on the walls, cops came I was a runner. Coming late home cause her mouth was always running. But outside was dangerous cause there were niggas gunning. But I was stunning. Fucking girls in their houses while their mother went out with their motherfucking spouses. Yeah and this ain't a game, Nah, Nah no atari, I'm here to say I'm sorry. One-day ill give you car keys. Mama's spirit, I know you're watching over. I'm feeling really lonely. Really small in a stroller but I know that I've got older. And life is getting colder. I remember when I used to cry in your shoulder. But now I'm getting wiser. life's getting nicer. This is a song showing you appreciation. And one day ill visit your tomb because you're my inspiration
Track Name: Midgap
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Started here, started there. Man I started everywhere. People talking that nonsense, but I really just don't care. Kill the mics with a simple touch. Get too close and get fucked up. My mind is like a puzzle, that brings trouble to whoever that can't understand my struggles. Mind is like a bubble ready to pop. And drop the rhymes that you never got. I do this I rap. You bullshit, you slack. You rap too? You wack. Keep going mutha fucka to the midgap

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

I'm not stopping, I'm just going, I'm just going, I'll keep on showing that I be knowing, rowing, flowing, smokin' all these mutha fuckas that don't be knowing. You insane. You sleeping on the game. I'm ahead 100 miles away. I be spitting the flame. Call me a dragon or call me Kane. My nigga I tell em, I'm so smooth like a fucking Nutella. Can't run no more?...lost his shoe?...Call him cinderella

[Verse 3: Kaysinners]

You see me running at a steady pace. Puerto Rican my fucking race. Flag never misplaced. In this case, it's not safe. This world is a house with a yard full of snakes. And the world is fucked up, so what the fuck can you make? .So you catch the fucking people running, stunning, bitches frontin', niggas fucking gunning cause they think is fun so nigga fuck em. And you really gotta stop with the chit chat, keep going down the mutha fucking midgap
Track Name: HardShips
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

With the mask on man, I'm ready to take that aim, ah talking all that shit, that's that shit I don't acclaim. And you see me walking with the mask on, nothing going wrong. hear the footsteps on the floor, then
BOOM BOOM BOOM, block feeling really steady hot, niggas, don't stop, niggas niggas don't stop. While they shooting all around they get caught by the cops. They looking around..hold on what's that sound.
cops coming down. You know it's a group of Caucasians. Other cop coming with a badge and he's Asian. Then comes by a PD undercover. And ones out of breath he's full of supreme blubber. Mutha fucking nigga out of breath. Real gangstas will put him to the fucking test. Hit you with the tech, you not blessed, you get wrecked and checked, so respect. Hit you with the fucking 90s direct. What you expect? Your face gets the major effect in the projects. Walking down with the soul of the heartless. Talking all the nonsense muthafucka don't start shit. Cause you'll get pounded with the AK and the 22. Bust you in the fucking room, blood gushing through the roof. Fuck is you gonna do?. This is a song for my soul and my hardships. All i gotta says is muthafucka don't start shit
Track Name: Sinner

Choose Your Destiny

[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Up in the block niggas don't stop, better choose your destiny. Get caught up, then get shot you gon need that remedy. Talking all that nonsense, watch your friends turn to enemies. Everybody telling me that people getting jealousy. So then I commit a crime and turn a warning to a felony. In life, I got a road, and you know that I'm racing. 2nd place not my spot 1st place is what I'm placing. I want a big house, nice girl with a vacation. But the world's fucked up with these mutha fucking nations, and all these allegations so what are you creating? All these people fake and I don't really got friends. All they do is pretend, all the way to the end, they just blend, follow trends, and befriend, it depends, I'll append and extend, and defend and in the end I'll suspend

[Hook: Kaysinners]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sinner, sinner, sinner [Repeats]

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

I see these fakes moving in like some tadpoles, they know. Sinner slash em up, make a damn hole. I follow no religion, Throw those lies in the sink of the mutha fuckin kitchen. Hold on listen. I don't think you understand fully. I can mess with your head and turn out to be your worst bully. Grab you by the head and rip your fucking hoody and make you wish you never knew me. Man you pussy. You a rookie. Claiming You knew me. You fooling yourself. Got the wrong impression? Well, so did everybody else. I murder lyrics like I murder bibles in the fucking shelf.You type small. Kinda like an elf. You're not big even if you got a lot of wealth. Sinner not a save that shit for somebody else. While you think you're winning, I'm grinning, I'm always sinning , and living, immortal in the flesh burning the ceiling


Flawless Victory
Track Name: Ready
[Man Speaking]

So I got liver spots, bigger than dalmatian dots. I'm all alone. Won't you please come visit me though?

[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

It took me a long time to realize that I was wasting time. Gave you my all but you was doing fine. Gave you 100 but you giving 9. I'm just not putting up with the nonsense, all the shit you said was full of lies. So right now you just getting left behind. I will never respect ya. Talking that fucking nonsense, yes my conscience will neglect ya. We were supposed to be together. Like bees and the nectar. I guess this is reality hitting me. You forgetting me. Never never , never the type to have the sympathy. You don't feel sorry for me. So why feel sorry for you? I was lonely in my room. Then I headed outside, sun shining. Girl I'm thinking rhymes, what I waste a time. Said I'm fine. But I fucking lied. Should've seen the signs. Guess you wasn't mine. Wow. That's how it goes now...should've payed attention to the fucking hoes then


Can you feel it now? I think I'm ready now

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

Nah Nah Nah you not ready. Talking all the nonsense, exploding like some confetti, hair smoother than some spaghetti, the problems are freaking petty. So Ima just take it steady. The problems will not be heavy. I don't need this , I don't need this believe me. This is hurting me, why you hurting me, ? Why you hurting me? Eyes burgundy, I'll take it personally. Tell me verbally, so I can understand perfectly. It's an urgency, emergency..head hurts internally. So much uncertainty. Certainly you just do it purposely

[Beat Changes]

Yeah, now I'm laughing at your ass now. You something else. And you just something of the past now. Girl I'm making all that cash now. Kaysinners
Track Name: Show Me The Love/Remember
[Verse 1: Kaysinners] -Show Me The Love-

Show me the love. No love is too great or fake. I can relate to everything you say and think. I want to cry on your shoulder. Memories stored in a folder. Hug you when the weather gets colder. But love ain't for me. These chicks, just trick, and spit all over your shit and then like finding a new dick. Now Ima nasty mean nigga..mean nigga quick to pull the mutha fucking trigger. When people hurt you, you feel like killing. Because you no longer wanna be dealing with the fuckin feelings. While I stare at the ceiling, wishing that they're forgiven

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

Show me the love. Girl I gotta go now. That's what I told her when she turned to a hoe now. She was messing with my thoughts while I was the one that fought, for what we both bought. She gave up on everything and I did too. She said that she was sorry. I said fuck you. Could've left her lonely in her fucking room. But a nigga too nice so what the fuck can you do? She stomped on my bitch you eat it. And I'm the type to get a girl number and then just leave it.

[Verse 3: Kaysinners]

I'll leave you believe me. Two snaps and you're out. Cause I'm sick of the fucking nonsense when it sprouts. I didn't chose you, you chose me. You're a fucking fake non-committing piece of rotten cheese. And you ain't worth a food stamp. While I'm going around the globe, I'll be treating you like boot camp. You're a worthless fetus can't be a woman, cause you don't have a cleavage.

[Verse 1: Kaysinners] -Remember-

I never was around to pull tracks, and never was the type to get called wack. And if you have an opinion that won't make it a fact. Cause I just spit all my feelings when I spit in these fucking raps. From touch to mind, from mind to touch, never really listened to no one who said "follow us". I was just the one who was just building the fucking trust . I remember when I came around it was 99, started looking at girls from the age of 5. By the age of 13 I was telling lies. I remember I wanted to be an artist. Not a rapper but a nigga who started shit. You know? The type of shit you don't hear about. The type of content people just care about. And if I'm gone they'll know my whereabouts. Yeah that's how it goes. Kaysinners

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

This song aint individual. It's for all the drug dealers and the criminals. im not perfect but i want you
to realize that this world is corrupted with fake people , and real lies. and those who say im here anytime
just know that they wont. and if youre thinking about giving 2nd chances then you fucking don't. i remember when i was a little boy,used to play with toy guns and loose coins.Remember when my moms had a tumor...type of tumor that will taunt her and then consume her. Remember a lot of shit. from faces , to purses , to pussies i hit. to
teachers , to snitches to blunts that i hit. to thoughts of depression to thoughts that i chose
to moments i said "i just wanna go home". to fear , to the bunker, to fights in the streets , to times i was hungry and aint had money to eat !
Track Name: Polaris
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Big thoughts don't matter no more. Pulling the ladder no more. Yeah, one friend James, really gonna have the cane. Thoughts connect with his brain. So let's go. Things don't matter no more. I'll be knocking your door. Man you gotta fuck these hoes. Just look forward and never look back. Niggas tryna fuck up your raps. Man don't slack. Gotta really do my things. Fuck the diamond, the rings. Gotta give my best so they can see. This is who I want to be. I'm like yo. Niggas don't know though, although they gonna hop on my pogo. Woah slow-mo. Where you tryna go though? Don't you see reality? I speak the truth. So sharp in rhymes don't even need a suit. Bass so hard, harder than your boots. Song from earth straight from the roots. Yeah. Some men will try to get you, and girls will try to offend you and people tryna respect you. Yeah, yeah, yeah this is part of the game. Go insane. Niggas gotta know your name. Just stay spitting those flames. They talk money and they talk fame. People like it and that's a shame. Claim the title you need to claim. When you get it, yeah put it In a frame. Put the past away from your brain. Let's go, let's go, let's get em now. What a piper, Ima get the sniper. I shit on wack niggas better get a fucking the diaper, I'm feeling really hyper. pull an all-nighter. You use guns, yeah nigga I'm a fighter. I shine like a bright star. Call it Polaris. Really, really big like trees in a forest

[Kaysinners Speaks]

You know how I had to do
Track Name: Don't Need Nobody Else
[Kaysinners Talking]
uhhmmm....I hope that's true. And you know and even though I need you only, I still want to tell you my feelings okay?.

[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Sometimes I feel alone, I really gotta go home. Can't really escape my thoughts. The memories are the ones I fought. Can't really get caught. In the trap. I feel this fear, I feel this gap, when I snap, yeah I rap
and I wear black. Don't need nobody else but me. I see myself in my dreams telling me that I should fight, see myself just getting on the mic. Saying I should win this fight. Like a knight bright, going on site battle through the fucking night. It's not quite tight..if I don't do it right. Yeah, Stay loyal..bury your lies in the soil. Don't pick them up. Gotta a nigga like what?. Running your mouth get a bitch fucked up. You don't need nobody else, you don't need nobody else. But me. I follow my dreams. Let me show you what I think. No one's gonna love you like me. Spit like me. Give you a hand like me. Put you around like men. No one's gonna fight like me. or have that dope, flow, people should know. Really gotta leave them foes. Yeah, that's a blow though, you know I gotta leave them hoes. Hope I chillin, else, really think I need your help. Sorry, I'm saying things I felt. But I never got a chance to say what I feel. Never got a chance to witness what's real. So hurt I just gotta heal. Regrets make me wanna kneel. Heart might turn to fucking steel. So take me in your arms and let me be free and let me be me. Let me love you peacefully. Let's do the good deeds. Just forget the old me just don't leave me lonely and don't forget the old things. You owe me , you know me. We chilling , we napping, we talking we rapping, clapping and scrapping the things that we mapping. Flapping and flapping we're going away. Don't turn your back I just want you to stay. Hold and me touch me and kiss my away .Look in my eyes and just say its okay
Track Name: The Way I Feel
[Verse 1: kaysinners]

I feel this world fucked up , too many people getting locked up . as I'm walking down the street , I see people getting beat. people selling weed. in life that's not what you need, how about getting a degree?
or maybe giving people advice. or at least try to be nice.

[Verse 2: kaysinners]

And always help your moms. She's the only one that did the job. She brought you to this earth. So you gotta thank her first. Cause she can be a hoe, broke, blowing on smoke, but in the end she's the one you owe. So tell me what the fuck you know? . I hate my father. He was never there. Type of nigga who just don't care. I'm just tired of being broke. It seems that money cannot last. My momma got a stroke. Why memories can't break like glass?

[Verse 3: kaysinners]

And they say that love ain't real. So fuck it I'm on my own. And they say that the streets are bad. So I guess people staying home. Don't even call my phone. I don't even like to talk. And I pull my pants to the top when I run and when I fucking walk.
Track Name: Rennisyak
[Verse 1: Kaysinners]

Gotta hit these niggas with the fucking rennisyak.If you talk then my nigga where you at? Cause is easy to talk with all that ease. But steady running when I'm coming in that breeze. But really who the fuck I gotta please? You know that I'm just doing this for me. This is just a test, I'm blessed I also do it for j-a-m-e-s. Muthafuckas we wreck. So respect. Get in check, or you might just get hit in a fucking sec. Go ahead. Say your prayers. Ima sinner and a slayer. Don't give a fuck about a hater. See you later. Shoot em up like tomb raider

[Verse 2: Kaysinners]

So my nigga please, nigga please cause if you talk too much we'll make you history. People walk around always wanna start shit. Told you in my song from my soul and my hardships. Grew up in the hood, hope you know that. Roaches on the door, on the doormat. Shit ain't really respect us. Walking down the hood get your head bust.Don't make a lot of friends you can't trust. Make enemies in the fucking buildings, have a lot of teens smoking weed tryna smoke those trees, making children. Rennisyak, rennisyak where you at? Been in the back, been in the back. Always spitting the rhymes, spitting, spitting the rhymes, killing all this time. 19 going to 20 and I'm never sipping henny. Gold digging bitches don't even get a penny.Girls over here nigga I can get plenty. Gotta focus on my life.There's people and its many. Can't let nobody down. Rennisyak proves myself and this mutha fucking hobby. And if I get signed prepare for the worst.Other rappers gonna think Ima curse and disperse. Never put mutha fucking rapper first. Cause I cut the lyrics like beef and when I write I just don't sleep.And until the fucking words go with the beat.I can skip a meal and don't fucking eat. Real hip hops what I seek. Gonna have the songs heading to a streak, and when you think about me pay me, so I can make a thousand in a fucking week

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